Bio + Statement

Genie Mélisande is a contemporary magic realist painter who was born in Manhattan, studied fine art in England, and is now based in Los Angeles. Throughout a nomadic upbringing that spanned over 20 countries and many different cultures, the one enduring thread has been a need to reach the heart of the human condition through art. She aims to reconcile both visible and metaphysical archetypes in ways that are new yet true, and beautiful yet challenging.


Genie Mélisande's work is an exploration of evolution in both humanity and on an individual scale. This theme continues in the vein of the Tree of Life mythology that is fundamental to cultures worldwide, and maps the evolution of cosmic energy to solid matter and the ascension of living beings to a higher plane of consciousness.  In harmonizing scientific theories with the spiritual realm, this archetypal journey leads us to a crossroads and urgent questions about our next phase. The new frontier that Terry Pratchett called “the place where the falling angel meets the rising ape”.